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Monday, October 25, 2010

The 1%'s

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I have this habit of focusing too much on the 1% of what's wrong instead of the 99% that is right. I am not sure why, but my guess is that the 1% offends my perfectionist nature. But, I am learning that the 1%'s of the world take up too much energy.

I have a student who has some serious disciplinary issues, not just in my class but in other classes as well. She is one of those who is not lacking in the attitude department. Recently, she sent me an email which was so disrespectful that I had smoke coming out of my ears. When I called her to my office to discuss her conduct, she just didn't understand why I was calling her out on her behavior.

We have a conflict resolution program that helps students learn about conflict and how to make better choices when confronted with conflict. It also leads them through exercises to show them how their behavior led to the conflict. The majority of student that have completed this exercise have become better for it. Many have said they had no idea how their behavior impacted others. Two students in my program have improved dramatically as a result.

Unfortunately, my current student just did not get it. Her responses ranged from "This is stupid" to "It's not about me." When I asked her what she learned from the exercise, she actually said "Nothing'.

Hence, she is now going before the conduct committee.

The conduct committee consists of instructors and administrators who will hear the charges against the student. The student will have a chance to defend her actions and will be subject to cross examination. The committee will decide what punishment is appropriate.

I do not sit on this committee. I don't even know if I am supposed to attend the hearing, as the Dean is the one who brings the charges which I filed against the student. I doubt she will be dismissed, but with the exception of suspension, what else is there? We don't have other resources available, i.e. anger management. So what happens? If it were me making the final decision, I would probably dismiss her. I can't send a student out into the workforce who spouts attitude like that. If I were her employer, she would be fired, no debate or discussion.

Honestly, I just don't have the energy to deal with this student anymore. I have other students who need me. I have students who are showing great improvement this term. I want to nurture that.

The 1%'s are going to have to find someone else.


Anonymous said...

Those 1% can suck all the energy from you if you let them. Their behaviors demand attention and I'm with you, it's not worth it. You can only do so much without motivation and cooperation from the other side.