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Monday, September 06, 2010


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Husband hates to go clothes shopping. I even have a hard time getting him to order something from a catalog. This means that I usually shop for him alone, or take him to two stores after I have "pre-shopped" for him.

Today, I did some shopping for him. I found some great Ralph Lauren shirts that were marked down to $40.00. Not too bad, especially for Ralph Lauren. Feeling good about my purchases, I decided to look for a little something for myself. I found this dress at the same department store, marked down to $50.00. Since they had only one left in my size and it was just too cute, I had to partake of the purchase.

I must say, it looks fabulous on. It got an A-line skirt that is rather twirly. You know, I could just spin around in it. And the great part is, I can still wear it because it is still rather warm in Elsewhere. I have a cute white cardigan to give it that Chanel look which will be nice to wear at work with the AC blasting.

Husband loved his new shirts and he loved the dress for me.

Happy Day!


Brigindo said...

Very cute. I love it!

sciencegeeka said...

That is a super cute dress.

I found a shirt that I liked. However, I also realized that I lost ~5lbs, so that was cool too.

rented life said...

Love the dress! Totally understand about taking husband shopping. We went jeans shopping 2 weeks ago, what a chore!

James @ Arthritis knee pain said...

I share your sentiments. My husband dreaded coming with me even just to buy groceries because he said that I do it alphabetically. Although it is tedious, what is wrong with that? I reasoned out that I might miss some things and I do not want to come back again and he would just point on the grocery list. Point taken, I just hope that husband of mine will find it in his heart to come with me even once without me prodding him. However, having him not around will really benefit me as I can buy the dresses that I want; I just hope he will not rummage through my things and find the tags and that arthritis knee pain that I keep getting would be quit for a time.