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Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Settled

Posted by Seeking Solace |

We have moved everything out of the apartment and into the New House. We are 2/3 unpacked. We are also very sore and tired.

The kitchen is unpacked and and organized. So is the family room, except, I have not hung any of the prints or artwork yet. The library is about halfway finished. I need to find a new desk. There is a nice one from LL Bean that I like because it is solid wood.

I also want to buy this rug from Pottery Barn for the library.

I would also like to get a small couch for that room too. Maybe a nice leather one to go with Husband's leather club chair.

Today, I need to make a Target run. I have a long list of things I need to buy. I've been keeping a list and adding to it as I think of things we need. One thing in particular is that we have a HUGE walk in closet in the master bedroom. It took me a few hours last night to organize my side and Husband's side. Actually, Husband's side did take too long. My side, on the other hand, is quite a job. I want to get more closet organizers for my stuff. I have a couple of pieces that I purchase when we moved to Elsewhere, but now I have more room for things, so I want everything to be nice and neat.

I am afraid that this trip to Target will help it's stock. I have a feeling I am going to drop an obscene amount of money. Good thing I've been saving for this.


rented life said...

I like the desk, but I'm biased as my own desk is in a similar style! So of course I say get it!! I have a hard time restraining myself when it comes to buying things that help organize the house. Good luck!!

Geeka said...

I *have* that exact desk. I highly recommend it!