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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Posted by Seeking Solace |

Today, I followed up with my boss about being promoted to my right position. Turns out that no one else has applied for the position.

So, now what?

Well, he and the HMFIC have to decide if I need to interview again or if they are just going to give me the job. I am supposed to check in next week, which also happens to be the last week of classes.

For crying out loud, dudes. Either shit or get off the pot!

I did talk to one of my new buddies. She told me that she had heard that it was a done deal.

Well, that helps.

I also noticed that I am listed as the supervisor for the two students who are doing their internships. That is a job that only a program director can do.

OK, that's a good sign.

But seriously, this is getting really stupid.


BrightStar (B*) said...

sounds like typical bureaucratic nonsense, which sucks, but you will eventually have the job that you were hired to do! this is part of why working in a college or university system can be annoying at times. I hope it works out soon for you!! I can see why this would be very annoying.

JustMe said...

annoying. but soon it will work out!

Scrivener said...

I agree with B*.

Sounds like I'll be dealing with similar situation soon, more than likely--there should be an opening at assistant director of the program I'm coordinator for soon, and if so I should be promoted into that spot but it's gonna be a pain in the ass to get it done.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone!

Scrivener: I hope that your situation goes smoother and does not go a long as mine did!

Rebecca said...

Seriously, they hire you, then take away your job, then make you reapply - and maybe interview - for it again, I don't see how they could even expect you to stay if they don't give it back to you. It's all just bureaucracy. You know what? I bet no one else applied because they know it's yours. Practice your deep breathing. :)

RageyOne said...

Re-interview for a job they hired you for, then had to take away, then ultimately fire the other person? Yeah, you're dealing with a bunch of geniuses.

quite annoying, i'm sure.