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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Running on Empty

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Today is the last day of classes/finals. My students will get their exams back. They have two hours to make any corrections to raise their grade. I give them half a point for each question they correct. They have to tell me the correct answer and why it's the correct answer.

I like doing this. Testing should not be an exercise in stress. You should learn something from it. By making the corrections, it's reinforcing the information. And yes, the student does get another bite of the apple, but hey, whatever works.

I also have a pile of project from my upper level students. From the looks of these projects, a few are really weak. If they think that this stuff is going to fly when they are out in the world as paralegals, they are in for a shock.

Did I mention that my grades have to be in by tomorrow at 11 AM? GAH!!!!

Oh, and on the house front, the sellers balked at our counter-offer, by accepting what we offered, but giving us NOTHING in return. Ugh. We are going to have to think about this one.

And finally, I have the big meeting on Friday with the HMFIC about the director position.

If you hear a loud crash on Friday around 2 PM, it's me. I'm exhausted.


rented life said...

Big Hugs from up North! We have our fingers crossed about the job sit.