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Monday, September 28, 2009


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I am in the last week of freedom before I start my new job. And there is no rest or relaxation time.

This morning I received my teaching schedule. As the director of the department, I only teach three classes, which believe me, I am not complaining. It's a nice schedule with no 8 AM classes. My latest class ends at 4:00. The textbooks should arrive today or tomorrow.

Speaking of books, I had a bit of snafu with an order from Amazon. I collect books related to my field. (What academic doesn't?) I was specifically looking for books on a subject matter that I don't have much knowledge. I got the expedited shipping, hoping that I could review the materials over the weekend. Well, the shipment went to my old house in Lake Effect Snow Central. Seems that when I changed my address last month, it was not listed as the default address. Of course, Amazon couldn't do anything since it was in route. But, they said if I had the tracking number from the slip that UPS leaves at the door, they could have UPS re-route the shipment.

Um...hello...I live 750 miles from my old house! And, I don't know the phone number for the person who bought my house. My friend and neighbor, J, said she would keep an eye out for it, but she has not seen it. My only hope is that the new homeowner sent it back to UPS who will ship it back to Amazon. In the meantime, I re-ordered the books and made sure that they would come to Yankee Transplant. And, I made sure my old Lake Effect Snow Central address was deleted.

On top of all of this, I am dealing with getting my law license reinstated. I am considered "retired" and therefore, not required to collect continuing education credits to maintain my license. Well, Yankee Transplant required that I am "active". Meaning, I need to certify that I have met my credit requirement by January 2010. I wasn't sure if I was still in the reporting phase period or not (It's a very convoluted system of when one has to collect credits and when one does not). Anywho, the geniuses at the agency responsible for maintaining this information was less than helpful. So, I was able to figure out my status on my own, got re-registered with the State Bar Association so I could started earning credits. Luckily, I can order DVDs or watch web-casts to earn my credits.

I am pushing through the crapola today.