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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Yesterday, I had a meeting with HR to go over benefits and fill out paperwork. The paperwork was about 1/10 of a ream of paper (That's 50 sheets out of 500 for you mathematically challenged folks). Seriously, how much information does one employer need? I mean, I must have written the names of the schools I attended (three), locations, dates of attendance, degrees and date of graduation at least 10 times. There was so much paperwork, that HR let me take the packet home to complete because my hand hurting. (Note to self: Buy more Dr. Grips gel pens).

Today, I worked on the reciprocity application for Bar Admission in Yankee Transplant*. Thankfully, that application can be completed on line. But, these people want to know EVERYTHING. I mean like the address for every place I lave lived since I was 21 year old. Geez, I can't remember that far back...Where did I live when I was studying in Germany?...Crap! Have I ever been committed? Do I owe anyone money? What's your mother's maiden name?

What's next? Sticking a probe into my behind to make sure I am not hiding illegal aliens or client funds?

They also want four people to attest to my morale character and fitness, eight people who know me well, three attorneys and two former clients to speak to my fitness as an attorney. Ugh! I think I can find four people who will say that I am not an immoral ass, including one awesome bloggy firend who knows me IRL. I have a couple of attorney pals that will vouch that I was a good lawyer. But, digging up clients is just ridiculous. I say, as long as no one has filed a grievance against's all good.

Why is it so necessary to drown in paperwork? I get it for the Bar Admission. They want to make sure that attorneys are of the high morale standing that is excepted of attorneys (*snort*). But the job application stuff is just insane. Who reads all that crap? Especially, when you consider that HR wants your resume which...hello..has the same information!

Sure, there have been some high profile cases of people lying about their qualifications and credentials. There have been a few folks who have lost their jobs for being less than honest. But, this is just overkill. Drowning your new employee with a sea of paperwork will not lessen the chance that someone is being dishonest.

Oh well, at least I have a job that is drowning me with paperwork. That's a good thing. But, tell that to my aching left hand!

*You are probably asking why I am transferring my law license if I am going to be teaching. Well, the nature of new job is such having bar admission will give me access to information and resources that will be very useful. The HMFIC is all for it, although I have not approached him with the possibility of the college paying for the application. I am not sure if that will go over very well. I can afford to pay it myself. Besides, it will be a tax deduction for me!


rented life said...

Wait, you don't have an illegal servant or drugs hiding somewhere? You haven't mishandled funds? What kind of lawyer are you? No wonder you never worked for C&B the biggest jerks in town :) haha.

Seeking Solace said...

RL: Yep. I would probably shoot myself if I did. Besides, they never hire women attorneys.