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Monday, September 21, 2009


Posted by Seeking Solace |

I have two weeks before I start my new job. The college runs on a quarter system, so I guess it would be best for me to start then. In the meantime, I can get the HR stuff done and prep for my classes. I am supposed to get my materials this week.

In the meantime, I am trying to get myself back on a schedule, particulary when it comes to going to bed and waking up. Although, I won't have any classes at 8 AM, I still need to get myself up and moving. More importantly, I must get to bed at a decent time. No more staying up late.

I should go through my closet and make sure all my "big girl" clothes are in good shape and do not need dry cleaned, mended or whatever. I should also see if I need to add anything to the wardrobe....wait...what the hell am I talking about? I ALWAYS need something to add to the wardrobe. Geez, I haven't done much shopping because my usual attire is shorts or capris, a top and flip flops, sandals or Sketchers. Methinks, I need to get my shopping mojo back.

This is it folks, my last days of being a woman of leisure. Except for the whole job search thing, it was a good ride.


Geeka said...

I think that you deserve some shopping!

Also, I think that the key is that your 'big girl' clothes still fit (in the they are too big kind of way).

I am so excited for you!!!

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks, Geeka. I hope my big girl clothes are "too big"!

rented life said...

If you find comfortable black pimps or heels when shopping PLEASE tell me where! I've had a hell of a time!

And you'll be happy to know, purples are in this season--go get yourself something purple! :)

Seeking Solace said...

RL: I love purple!!! And you know me, always on the lookout for good shoes!!!!

RageyOne said...

how exciting!

have fun shopping!