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Friday, July 04, 2008

Let the Beatings Begin

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Last night after our workout, Husband and I went out for a light dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. It's a little pub-like place in our little neighborhood.

There were not many people in the dinning area, being it was around 8 PM. But, there was this group of people with three little girls about five or six years old. The girls were running around the dinning room, chasing each other into the bathroom. At one point, one of the little girls got her finger shut in the door. The rest of the time, the girls yelled, screamed and played "Duck, Duck, Goose at the table. The servers had to maneuver themselves around the fury of children darting in and out of aisles.

And what did the adults at the table do to curb this behavior?


In fact, the lone adult male in the party said to the two women who were part of the party "I guess we should apologize for all of this."

Yet, they still did nothing.

I don't blame the kids for their behavior becuase no one has taught them how to behave. I remember getting "the talk" before going to a restaurant or store. I know of parents who bring items such as coloring books to keep the kids amused while waiting for their dinner. I also know parents who would get up an leave if their children misbehaved in that way. Bottom line, there are people who teach their children what is acceptable and what is not.

Instead, these people just continued their conversation instead of doing what needed to be done.

I am quite sure that my readers who are parents would be as ticked off as I was. No child behaves perfectly. Kids have their moments. But, I am sure that many of you get frustrated with the parents who ignore their kids running loose like a bunch of banshees.

It seems to me that perhaps the ones who needed the discipline are the parents. Better still, I would have given the parents a butt whippin!

(Just so you know, I would never give butt whipping to a kid. I am just being snarky. )


rented life said...

Did you eat at E's? :( jealous.

I don't remember it but I guess I was misbehaving and mom took me into the bathroom and gave me a spanking and that ended it. of course you can't do that now because people are stupid.

Seeking Solace said...

Nope not "E". We will save that one!

Yeah, I remember my mom give my brother a spanking at Hills because he was acting up. That ended it too.

Jest the treat of a spanking was enough for me.

k8 said...

Ooh, that is bad. I would have been in so much trouble had I tried that - but then, it never would have gotten to that point with my parents. We were expected to behave. Holiday meals at home were even somewhat formal and we had to dress up and behave. We were well-trained at an early age.

Psycgirl said...

That is so annoying - it's hard to enjoy your dinner like that! My parents would have kicked my ass for that (verbally, not literally!)

Anonymous said...

I never would have put up with that. I would have had to tell the parents that the way they are allowing their children to behave is having an effect on other people's peaceful dinner. I know first hand that it takes time and energy to train children right. Practice at home!. Prepare them before going out. Play resaurant! Do all the things you are not supposed to do at the resaurant like run around pretending to be a bunch of banchees, play Duck, Duck, Goose, or whatever silly thing you can think of that the kids may want to try. Then you laugh your butts off and discuss why these are not appropriate in the eatery. Do the reminder thing before hand, and talk about the consequences, and bring several things...crayons and paper, a book, etc. to keep the wee ones occupied. And follow through with the consequences if anyone gets out of line. Pretty soon, you will all have a great time anywhere you go. You can take this type of home training and practically fit it to any situation. I practiced with my son how to keep him mouth open while the dentist counted all his teeth nightly for a week....he was very tense about the whole thing, but by the time we did the "real" thing, he was calm and didn't have any issues. This may sound very silly, but I am telling you, it works and is worth all the time and effort.

Anonymous said...

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