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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Would I Lie to You?

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I got an email from a student in my CT class, telling me that he would not be in class because a good freind of his passed away suddenly and the student wanted to submit his paper by email.

So, I promptly checked the local newspaper to see if the student's story checked out.

It did.

The thing is, I do not like this particular student. He is one of these know-it-all brats who would cry to mommy and daddy in a heartbeat if he thought he was treated unfairly. He spent the entire semester trying to either impress me or shock me by saying things like "My goal in life is to become a bookie." He has openly admitted that he would lie or cheat to get ahead.

So yeah, I checked up on him. But, now my own paranoia has set in. What if he just picked some name out of the obituary notices?

I think I spent too much time dealing with criminals becuase I have that same mind-set with some of my students.


Anonymous said...

You could also ask for a program from the funeral. I was asked for that by a professor once.