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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lovely Day

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I am sitting outside in the backyard, enjoying the unusually warm weather in Lake Effect Snow Central. It's 70 degrees!!! Woohoo!

There are leaf buds on some of the trees.

it's wonderful out hear. The birds are singing. I can hear and see a woodpecker pounding away.

The Girl is keeping me company. She is in her yard digging and sniffing. She is a little sad that the Boy is not here. (He's still at daycare.) Maybe the two of them will go for a walk later. J said that the Girl has been eating rabbit poop. Nice

One sign of spring in my neighborhood is that the little girl across the street is screaming like a banshee. So is her mother.

The neighborhood boys have the hockey net set up in the street. Game On!

Ah, spring in suburbia.