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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not Your Typical Easter

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Today is Easter Sunday and with the exception of watching Georgetown play hoops, taking the Boy for a walk and stopping by GML's house later today, Husband and I are doing nothing.

As far as other Easter traditions go, well...

~~I don't eat meat. Husband still does, but he chose to indulge in bacon instead of ham. When I asked him why, he stated that the only hams that were left at the store were 7 lbs or more, which means he would be eating ham for a while. The other option were the smaller, canned or shrink-wrapped hams that are pumped full of chemicals. Not very appealing.

~~We didn't go to church either. Both of us were raised Catholic, but neither of us really identifies with the faith anymore.

So Happy Easter if you celebrate. If you don't or do something else, enjoy the day.