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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just What I Needed

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Thank you so much for all your comments and words of support. Bloggy friends are the best.

I took a mental health day. And, it was just what I needed.

I slept in until around 10:30 AM. Husband took the Boy to daycare, so I did not have a snout in my face at 8:30. I drank coffee and watched Rachael Ray and the noon news. Husband came home for lunch.

I took a nap and then a long bath with the last of my Lush product that this blogger bought for me. And I used the lovely candle that this blogger. While in the tub, I read this book, which my dear pal, Piglet, sent me.

I just ordered this from Lush. It has a nice variety of bath bombs. I just hope that it comes before I leave for the Bahamas.

I did check my work email twice. My Analytical Writing class is the best. I emailed them last night, telling them that class was cancelled and that they should email their group outlines. Sure enough, I got all of them before the stated deadline time. These students are really awesome.

Mentally, I am feeling better. Husband has instructed me to forward any emails from our friend to his work email. He is also instructing his friend to correspond with Husband via Husband's work email. Husband is also going to have a "talk" with his friend, telling him that under no circumstances will Husband allow me to jeopardize what I have worked hard for by doing something that goes against my ethical code. Husband also said that will not sit by and watch me become entangled emotionally in this mess. In essence, Husband is putting his foot down.

I love that man!

So, I think I will read a few blogs that I have bookmarked. Husband and the Boy will be home in an hour.


Kai said...

Hurrah for mental health days and SUPER husbands!

SO glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you took a mental health day! hope today is even better :o)

BrightStar said...

Nice work taking care of yourself. I am proud of you!

That set of Lush bath bombs looks great. I highly recommend the Haagenbath one. It smells great, and it's fun to say its name. :)

I took a mental health morning this morning.

Addy N. said...

Sorry I haven't kept up- it's been a completely INSANE week. I am just thrilled to be home in my sweats and our impending BLIZZARD warning isn't even getting me down! I'm glad you are enjoying the candle! I really need to get some Lush bath bombs... I'm glad you had a relaxing day!