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Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Murmurs

Posted by Seeking Solace |

  • Sweet merciful crap, it's COLD! I know it's bad when the Boy does even want to go out, or when he does, he does his business and runs back in the house, without stopping to bark at stuff or roll around in the snow.
  • Wow.. it's 10 degrees with a wind chill of -10. Heat wave!!!!
  • I cancelled my 8 AM class. My joints just cannot function in this kind of weather. I also figured that many students would be a no show. I sent an email to my class last night telling them I was going to cancel. Hopefully, they listened when I told them to check their email when we have weather issues.
  • I am getting some work done at home. I have to grade the diagnostic essays for my Writing class, so this is a great time to do it without interruption.
  • Husband and I took the Boy to Saturday playgroup at his daycare. It worked out much better for the Boy. There were fewer dogs, which allowed him to play. He made some new friends and played very nicely with them. Only once did he have to go to doggie time out for inappropriate behavior.
  • I did speak to the owner-head trainer about the incident. She told me that the guy and his wife are not regulars at playgroup. When they do come with their dog, they do not listen to anything she tells them to do with their dog. She doesn't want to "ban" them if the attend only once in a while. She is hoping that they will stop coming altogether. She was not upset with me at all with respect to my reaction to the incident. That made me feel so much better.

Stay warm everyone. This too shall pass...I hope!


Psychgrad said...

It's freezing cold here too!

It's not my company...but I think that the owner-head trainer should really consider banning the guy and his wife for a number of reasons: to not alienate regular customers like you who end up getting in a conflict with the guy, for the safety of the dogs that go to the playgroup (and establishing expectations of proper treatment of animals) and to send a clear message about respecting the playgroup rules.

If not banning, than a system of warnings would be nice so that each individual dog owner doesn't have to deal with this issue every time the man decides to come to the playgroup.

Geeka said...

It is so freaking cold here that I started coughing as soon as I got outside.

Do you just have the normal RA? My mom (not to make you feel old, she started getting symptoms around 25). She finds that those bean bag things that you can microwave make cold mornings easier.

Seeking Solace said...

Psychgrad: I think she going to consider warnings. I think it's a good idea.

Geeka: I started having symptoms when I was 29. It took five years to figure our that it was RA because all of my tests came back negative.

I like those microwave things too!!!

Alice said...

Yeah, stay warm. :)

Geeka said...

I seriously think that there is something wrong with the RA test. My mom still comes back negative occasionally, because of this they like to test her on a regular basis.