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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thoughts From Grading Jail

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I am plowing through my CT research papers. They are not as bad as my Law class. Some are still having trouble with citing within their paper, but unlike my law class, my CT freshman at least make an attempt to do it correctly.

Astroprof has a great post about his trials and tribulations on the grading front. Reading his post reminded me of one of my students back at Former College who cut and pasted information from a website in her research paper without citing the source. I knew it was plagiarism when I read "Click here for more information".

On the medical front, I am not sick. I guess I was having sympathy symptoms. But poor Husband has pink eye in addition to his cold. He was home again today. I took a break to get his prescription and some other supplies. Poor guy! He is such a trooper through all of this.

The Boy is going to daycare tomorrow. He has got a bad case of what I like to cal the "ya-yas", which means he has cabin fever. Today's walk was cut short because a little dog was trash barking at him and he tried to charge it, almost causing me to fall. I told him that he better behave because Santa Paws is watching to see if he is a good dog.

OK, I am going in for one more round.


k8 said...

Ha ha! "Trash barking" gave me my laugh for the night. That is such a dog thing to do. Chewie, frequently pictured on my blog, "trash barks" at everything and he is all of 15 pounds - most of it hair. Very funny!

And, glad the students' papers are decent. That always makes grading a little less painful.