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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Party Time!

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Yesterday was the doggie party for GML's little guy, Frankie. It was a howling good time for the pups. And the humans had fun too.

Here's the birthday boy!

Let's play! The Boy, Frankie and Barley
The Boy and Eli, Frankie's big brother.

Barley and Gus

Clara, the only female pooch at the party, was having none of the boys shenanigans.

MMMM...cupcakes. Yes, the dogs had doggie cupcakes. Don't you just love Frankie's hat?

Yes, they did sit and wait their turn for cupcakes!

What's a party without presents?

Although it is hard to see, Frankie loves his new toy.

By the end of the party, the pups were tired. Frankie and Eli are dog tired. I don't think Frankie cares that Eli is resting on his head!

And so was the Boy. This is where he stayed for the rest of the night.

Now that's a party!!!


Kai said...

How adorable!!! It looks like everyone had a ball! I love the pic of the dogs sleeping on eachother. TOO CUTE!

Prisca said...

Looks like it was thoroughly enjoyed by all!