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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Voice of Reason

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I was stretched out on the couch when the Boy came over and started nudging my arm with his head. He began whining and doing his "Shepard Speak". Shepard Speak, also known as Doggie Talk, is when he tries to convey what he wants via this whine-moan-growl-soft bark noise.
So, I think this is what the Boy was trying to say:

Boy: Come on, Mom. It's 3 PM.
Me: Stop it, Boy.
Boy (nudging more): I heard what you said to Daddy at lunch. You said you would take me for a power walk instead of walking on that weird machine that doesn't go anywhere.
Me: I know, I know. But I am in the middle of something.
Boy (trotting in circles around the coffee table): What...watching that box again? Come on, it's beautiful outside!!!
Me: Boy, Mommy's tired. I really don't feel like going.
Boy (nudging me again): But you will feel better...I will feel better. You will get your workout and I will get to go on my leash.
Me: Boy, stop pestering me!
Boy ( jumping on me): LET"S GO! There are so many things to see, sniff and pee on. And so little time!!!!
Me: OK Boy, in a few minutes....
Boy: NO... get your ass off the couch...NOW!!!!
Me: OK, Boy, you win.

So, I threw on my shoes, which made the Boy do his "Yay, I am going on my leash" happy dance. We went for a 1.5 mile power walk through the neighborhood. And the Boy found plenty of things to see, sniff and pee on.

The Boy was right. I did feel better.

Thanks Boy!

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rented life said...

lol. Of course the peeing part is most important.

The cats get in that mood at, oh, about 1am or 3am.

Geeka said...

mine does 'peeping' she lets out this high pitched squeal for what seems like minutes..I can only imagine her in my head doing a 'heyyoucanwegooutsidenowbecausethereisadogoutsidethatiwanttobarkoutheythereisacatcaniplaywithitorisittheonethatwillsmackmedowniamhungryineedtopee'