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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Ready

Posted by Seeking Solace |

It's that time of year when the course offerings are posted. As an adjunct, I am the bottom feeder of the food chain. I get whatever scarps, if any, are remaining.

At the last place I taught, I wasn't worried about how many classes I would teach for the next semester. It was pretty much a guarantee that I would at least teach the Business Law course because I was the only one qualified. Also, it was taught every semester becuase it was a required course for business majors. Anything on top of that was gravy. That was the way it worked until the Wicked Witch took over and, well you know the rest.

I am concerned that I will not have the same luck at my new place. I have dropped hints and emails to those in power, but no one has given me a definitive answer. The chair of the department which oversees the Critical Thinking course does not know how many sections because it is a first semester course. No one will know how many sections until the end of the semester.

I would think that the chair of the Business department might have some idea about Business Law. It is also a required course, but I don't know if they offer it every semester. There is also a Business Law II course which is an elective, but there is no indication if it will be offered.

I know I am probably putting the cart before the horse. I guess I am afraid of getting blindsided like I did last year. The only difference is that this time I will be let go because of enrollment and not because someone hates me.

The thought of being on employment hiatus again scares me. I was depressed and frustrated with my life. I don't like uncertainty, and that's the problem with working as an adjunct. There is always that worry that one will not have a gig for the next semester. I have a plan to start hustling to find other adjunct gigs soon, just in case my current employer does not re-hire me.

At least this time, I will be ready.


righteous babe said...

First, I'd say wait til the schedule is up. It's not yet. It's not clear from your post: did you speak to the BUS dept?

Second: don't forget local CC's wait awhile and post their needs last minute.

Anonymous said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

You might really enjoy the CC scene....

I really remember the stress of not knowing if you have gigs or not. As an adjunct I tended to constantly work to drum up sections and make connections, then whomever speaks up first gets me. It was kind of fun to tell the last person that I didn't have time to do their last-minute work because the other schools in town had already snapped up the prime spots.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

and... I don't know where your Critical Thinking course is housed and I really don't know how qualifications work where you are -- but, you might want to touch base with the philosophy department as well. When I taught Critical Thinking it was always in philosophy -- and I got the classes because nobody else wanted them.

Alice said...

Hoping things work out for you. :)