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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Freaks Come Out at Night

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We had a major power outage in my neighborhood last night around 5 PM. What really made sucky was that it was 86 degrees outside at that time.

J, the Girl's mom, invited me, Husband and the Boy over to hang out while we waited for the power to return. We dinned on pizza, beer and Smirnoff Triple X. (That stuff is crack in a bottle!). The Boy and the Girl begged for some pizza. The Girl is a little more forward about begging than the Boy.

Recently, J went out for coffee with a cop. The cop was a friend of another cop who is a friend of J's. I am going to call the cop J dated the Freak. Anyway, on that date, the Freak gave J a book called "I Love a Cop." Pretty creepy! Since then, he is texting J all the time, acting as if they are already in a relationship. J really does not want anything to do with this guy.

We spent most of the evening trying to find a way for J to dump this guy. We were laughing so hard at our choices, finally settling on "I don't like sex and I do not plan to have sex...EVER!"

Then it happened.

J started getting a series of text messages from the Freak. The first one was "Well, since you don't have power at your house, I guess you will have to spend the night with me."

He was dead serious.

Then, another message "All I want in this lifetime is contentment, peace and happiness. But I will settle for good sex."


Then "I was not kidding about the sex."


J sent the text messages to her friend who set them up. He said that he would have a "talk" with the Freak.

There is only one thing to do in a situation like this...make a cheesecake run. So, J and I made a run to the grocery store, who had power, and purchased a chocolate cheesecake with chocolate strawberries. We sat in her back yard, waiting for another text, which thankfully did not come.

Seriously though, what is up with this guy? We thought maybe we would have Husband drive over to the Freak's house in J's car. the Freak would get the shock of his life if he saw Husband getting out of the car!


Anonymous said...

omg. eew. what is wrong with [most] men?!

Kai said...

Sadly this is what dating seems to be like these days. Where on earth are all the good men hiding??? I can safely say they aren't in NY!

So creepy! I hope your friend J gets rid of him soon!!

Prisca said...

OMG! Thank goodness J knows at least one more cop so she can have somebody set this guy straight. Dang! Just creepy and sooooo wrong.

RageyOne said...

What a very weird person.

I hope the talk by cop friend helps.

Abbey said...

I love that the answer to freaky texts was cheesecake. :)