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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What Is Wrong With The World?

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Issue #1: Scooter Libby

I am incensed over the whole Scooter Libby thing. Sweet merciful crap, why even have a judicial system? What's the friggin' point?

And this " I respect the jury's decision, but" shit. Whenever someone uses the word "but" it means "forget what I just said, I am going to tell you what I really think." It basically says, "Sorry ladies and gentlemen of the jury, but you are too incompetent to make the decision that I think is right, so I am going to do it for you."

That's not what our legal system is supposed to be. Where is the judge who kept Paris in jail when you need him?

Issue #2: Hockey

Favorite Hockey team failed to sign BOTH team captains prior to the free agency deadline.

One the guys was offered the exact same contract he currently has. Yeah, like that's going to keep someone around for another season.

Management worked out a deal with the other guy last fall. But, someone in management forgot to send the paperwork to the player! So, without a deal, the player was free to go somewhere else!

What the fuck is up with that? Incompetence?

Issue #3: Fence Installation

I wish we had not gone with the people who are installing our new fence. There has been so much confusion. The sales guy was a total idiot. Even though we told him over and over again what kind of fence we wanted, he wrote one thing on the contract and something else on the work order. Also, three is no fence post where the fence is supposed to connect to the house.

Um, what's the point of having a fenced in yard if you leave part of it open so that my dog can get out?


I used to think that the world went to hell in a hand-basket when David Lee Roth left Van Halen. Now, I am re-thinking my position.


Anonymous said...

the whole scooter libby things sucks beyond words.

RageyOne said...

I totally feel you on the Libby issue. Just sickening. :(

Arbitrista said...

The world did go to hell when Van Halen broke up left. We're just still feeling the after-effects!

Abbey said...

I'm just beginning to hear about this Libby situation. And I agree, nothing says the public are a bunch of idiots like over-riding a jury decision.

Too bad someone didn't over ride public opinion when they let Bush take office - again.

Kai said...

Ugh! The Libby thing has me ticked off too....between him and Paris Hilton I'm BEYOND sick of hearing about celebs/politicians and their legal woes.

I hope they fix the fence soon so boy can roam free again!!

Addy N. said...

Fucking W! I could hardly believe my ears when I heard it (of course, I'm not really surprised with the level of corruption and cronyism that is the norm these days).

Prisca said...

I'm with you on the Libby crap. If W really thought the sentence handed down was excessive he could've just reduced it significantly and acknowledged that the legal system has some validity. To commute it is to negate the process. All crooks, I tell you!

rented life said...

ok, forget Libby, let's talk hockey. Did you read the piece in the sunday news? How both guys would've signed on at what they make now if management offered it sooner! WTF! That's only a piece of it.