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Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am So Excited, I Must Say!!!!!

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Husband and I are going to Cape May, New Jersey in August for a week. We are meeting my best friend, M, and her husband, J. Husband and J are good friends and have a blast behaving like 10 year old boys. One year, the guys purchased these little containers that made fart noises. They sat on the porch of our B&B making fart noises as people walked by! M and I just try to ignore them or drive them crazy with our constant gabbing!

I just found out today that Husband's brother and his wife will be in Cape May the same week! My brother-in-law's wife is so cool and just so fun to hang out with. Plus, she knows M, so we will have an absolute blast hanging out at the beach or shopping. Besides, I can't image what kind of antics will occur with Husband, his brother AND J!!! All I know is, we are going to have an awesome time!!!!

But, I am going to remind the guys that I am not licensed to practice law in New Jersey!!!!


Arbitrista said...

Have a fantastic time!!

Kai said...

Welcome over to my side of the world!!

What will happen to the Boy while you are gone??!!

Ellen said...

Cape May is awesome! Have fun!

Seeking Solace said...

Kai: The Boy has his deluxe accommodations at his favorite kennel. It's like a doggie hotel, complete with bed, TV tuned to Animal Planet and lots of attention from the staff!

Ellen: Can't wait. And it's the brother without the kids, so we will have fun!

Doggy Mama said...

Cape May is so great! I went there on vacation 6 years ago!