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Monday, June 18, 2007

Did Anyone Watch...

Posted by Seeking Solace |

...The finale of Celebrity Fit Club last night? I am pissed the Dustin Diamond was on the winning team. My hope is that if he is truly bankrupt and has filed for bankruptcy protection, he won't see a dime! Hopefully, his creditors have swooped down like vultures!!!!

I hope Brat finds someone to kick his ass! Or better yet, a smack down fight between Dustin and Harvey!

That being said, everyone else looked fantastic! Although, I just want to shoot Marcia Brady. Partly because she is so annoyingly perky! Tiffany, Brat and Kimberley look awesome. Curvy girls rule! I thought Harvey was going to fall out of his chair! You think he has a crush on Kimberley????


comebacknikki said...

Harvey was totally salivating over Kimberley!!

I was so pissed that Dustin was part of the winning team - he was a total ass throughout the show & should have been eliminated weeks ago b/c of the diet pills issue (actually, I'm surprised there wasn't a clause about that in their contracts).

Seeking Solace said...

I thought for sure that Dustin would be disqualified for using diet drugs. So not fair!!!!

Eddie said...

Dustin should have been kicked off just for being an ass. He wasted so may people's time! He *did* make for good TV, however.

Ellen said...

Everyone else had such a great 100 days - I wish for DD to get a helping of STFU he has been so desparately seeking.

I liked the new psych so much better than Dr Linda. Stacey has major backbone!

Mo may have been perky, but since she had such a bummer of a time before that, I kind of found it cute. Especially as part of the Mo and Ro perkfest :)