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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Bullets of Crapola

Posted by Seeking Solace |

  • Melinda was "Daughtry-ied" on AI last night. Boy, you didn't see that one coming! I wonder if statistically it worked out because there were two girls or if the show is truly rigged and they wanted Blake and Jordan so that there would be a competition. On the plus side, Melinda will no doubt get a record contract.
  • I am still rooting for Jordan.
  • Favorite Hockey Team pull one out last night. Unbelievable.
  • Speaking of hockey, GML's husband is a die hard hockey fan. It's so bad that she is stuck going to two get-togethers alone this weekend because hubby is glued to the TV!
  • I have the contractor who remodeled my kitchen two years ago stopping by today. It's time to complete the half bath. Also, I have to replace the door that leads to my patio. The problem is that the door measures 24 inches. No one makes that size anymore, so I will have to move a wall to accommodate a 32 inch door. I am excited that I will finally be rid of the puke yellow plastic wall tile and linoleum!
  • I also have a fence contractor stopping by to give an estimate for replacing the backyard fence.
  • It is freakin' cold here.
  • Husband is going running with his buddy tonight, which means that the Boy has a play-date with his buddy, Sage.
  • Speaking of Husband, he is leaving Friday for a camping and fishing trip with his brothers and buddies. So, it's just me and the Boy for the weekend. I'm thinking Mexican food, movie and hockey! I ordered "Dreamgirls" from Netflix yesterday.
  • GML and I were talking about having a girl's night tomorrow since, her hubby can doggie sit!
  • Cold symptoms mostly gone. I would like to thank the makers of Tylenol and CVS "Tussin" for their continued assistance!


Prisca said...

Sounds like some things are improving up your way. Hockey team's win was a good start. ;)
Keep getting rested and report on the renovations.

Geeka said...

My mom has puke pink swirled plastic tile on the wall in her kitchen. I feel the pain, I don't know how she can live with it.

Yep. Yinzer by birth.

Anonymous said...

i was sort of expecting melinda to go. she's not really pop oriented. but no worries. she'll get a contract.

doggy mama said...

wow, good contractors are hard to find. you're lucky you've got one you trust!!

i hope the boy had a great playdate!

Chaser said...

Babe, that game was awesome! We need our fellas to pull out another couple. I usually have a fondness for our hockey-playing friends from the great white north, but these bruisers have *got* to go!!!

Seeking Solace said...

Chaser: I didn't know you were a fan! Way cool!!!!

Geeka: Even though I left the ynzerburgh area 17 years ago, I still say it. Plus, I still "red up" things!!!